FileSender Documentation

FileSender is an open source web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users.
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 This page outlines the features for the FileSender 1.6 release


  • light-weight server footprint, optimized for least possible dependencies
  • share arbitrarily large files from standard desktop environments, no client-side deployment required
  • Native HTML5 and JavaScript UI with supported browsers.  No plugins required.
  • High-speed upload module with HTML5 uploads
  • Graceful fallback to invisible Flash component for non-HTML5 browsers, allowing uploads up to 2GB
  • integrates with various authentication mechanisms using SimpleSAMLphp (SAML2, RADIUS, LDAP)
  • upload guest vouchers to allow users without an account to upload a file 
  • cancel / resume file uploads using the HTML5 File API in supported browsers
  • download files multiple times, from link with built-in password in auto-generated email, or directly from interface by authenticated user  
  • automatic deletion of shared files and issued vouchers after X amount of time, or manual deletion by authenticated user any time prior to expiry 
  • email notification each time a file is uploaded, downloaded or manually deleted, or a voucher is issued or manually deleted 
  • MyFiles provides overview lists of currently shared files 
  • Overview list of unused issued guest vouchers 
  • resend download link emails to file recipients without re-uploading the file 
  • add additional recipients to already uploaded files 
  • UTF8 support, supports all international character sets 
  • Multi-language support.  Out-of-the-box FileSender 1.6 supports Czech, Croatian, Dutch, English (Australian), Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Serbian, Slovenian and Spanish.  You can easily adapt relevant language labels to your local needs in an upgrade-friendly way, for example to localise the splash screen text.  You can also easily modify which languages you make available to your users
  • PDO-based multi-database support for PostgreSQL, MySQL and sqlite

FileSender's functionality is also described in End_User_Documentation_for_v1-6.