FileSender Documentation

FileSender is an open source web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users.
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Reporting security issues

If you have found a bug or issue that might be security sensitive you can report that bug directly to the maintainer. You might like to encrypt an attached file and either send it directly or send the file encrypted with filesender and then encrypt and send the passphrase to the maintainer.

If you want to send something encrypted please use the below GPG key to encrypt that data. GPG is available on many platforms, see

Getting the GPG public key

As of December 2019 the public key can be found at

Import the key

On Linux you might find the GPG command is gpg2 for the most recent version. You should only have to import the key once.

gpg2 --import monkeyiq.gpg
gpg2 --fingerprint 903F8814517E7747ED080AD518F3FDAE968ACDEA

   pub   rsa4096 2019-12-17 [SC]
         903F 8814 517E 7747 ED08  0AD5 18F3 FDAE 968A CDEA
   uid           [ultimate] Ben Martin <...>
   sub   rsa4096 2019-12-17 [E]

Encrypt the sensitive data and send it

Whenever you want to send sensitive data you can encrypt it with the following command.

echo "secret stuff" > data-to-send.txt

gpg2 --output data-to-send-encrypted.gpg --encrypt --armor --recipient 903F8814517E7747ED080AD518F3FDAE968ACDEA data-to-send.txt