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FileSender is an open source web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users.
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Known FileSender installations

If you want to add your FileSender installation to this list, send an email to or edit the file from the FileSender Github repository and create a pull request.

HE&R Community installations - Europe & Middle-East

Country/Region NREN/Org Service URL Known since
Armenia ASNET-AM Feb 2016
Austria ACOnet Nov 2012
Austria Institute for Advanced Studies Jan 2014
Belgium BELNET Mar 2010
Catalonia i2CAT Apr 2011
Croatia SRCE Oct 2010
Cyprus CYNET Nov 2012
Cyprus Frederick University Sep 2021
Czech Republic CESNET Feb 2012
Denmark DeiC Mar 2012
Europe GÉANT Sep 2010
Finland FUNET/CSC Sep 2012
France RENATER Nov 2013
Greece University of West Attica Mar 2018
Hungary NIIF Feb 2012
Ireland HEAnet 2009
Iran IPM/IRANET Aug 2016
Israel IUCC/HUJI Mar 2012
Italy GARR Apr 2012
Lithuania LITNET Feb 2012
Lithuania Aleksandras Stulginskis University Feb 2012
Luxembourg RESTENA Feb 2011
Moldova RENAM Aug 2016
Netherlands SURFnet Jun 2010
Norway UNINETT 2009
Poland PIONIER Apr 2013
Portugal FCCN Jan 2011
Romania RoEduNet 2013
Russian FEderation RUNNet Mar 2018
Serbia AMRES Jul 2014
Slovenia ARNES May 2011
Spain RedIRIS Mar 2017
Spain/Sevilla Universidad Internacional de Andalucia May 2014
Spain/Sevilla Universidad “Pablo de Olavide” May 2014
Switzerland SWITCH Sep 2012
UK/Kent GOETEC Aug 2014
Ukraine URAN Mar 2018

HE&R Community installations - Asia - Pacific

Country/Region NREN Service URL Known since
Australia AARNet 2009
Japan NII/GakuNin Oct 2017
Japan / Okinawa Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Sep 2013
Korea KREONET Mar 2014
Malaysia MYREN Oct 2017
Singapore SingAREN Jun 2016

HE&R Community installations - Americas

Country/Region NREN Service URL Known since
Brazil RNP Oct 2014
Chili REUNA Sep 2013
Equador CEDIA Jun 2017
Latin-America ELCIRA Oct 2013
USA Internet2 Jul 2012

HE&R Community installations - Africa

Country/Region NREN Service URL Known since
East Africa UBUNTUNET March 2018
Kenya KENET May 2022
Morocco MARWAN Feb 2015
Somalia SomaliREN May 2022
South Africa SANReN Apr 2014
Uganda RENU Mar 2018


Country/Region Organisation Service URL Known since
Australia BARNET - Legal sector ISP March 2018
Netherlands Pleio - Dutch government Oct 2013
Philippines Government Jul 2013