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FileSender is an open source web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other users.
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./composer.phar install


If you want to show a different user for formatting only changes then the git commit should be done with something like scripts/formatting/ which will set the author to codeformatter so the change is known to be a reformat during a git blame and the user can flick back to the previous change on a line to see who actually authored a semantic change.


git branch   $BRANCH
git checkout $BRANCH


Sending in the changes

There is a handy script to do a commit of one or more things to git with the author information set to a codeformatter user so that it is obvious this is a style change that was machine generated.

./scripts/formatting/ classes

git push origin $BRANCH

On github the pull request will have to be merged with a “merge commit” otherwise the author information will be compacted down to the person making the pull request.